Miam Miam – Singapore

To be honest with you I have a hard time taking a restaurant that calls itself Miam Miam seriously, especially when you have a bunch of staff within yelling “Bonjour” and “Merci” each time someone enters or leaves the restaurant…which is actually typically Japanese.

However in SIN City, the wait staff tends to mangle the greetings.

In Japanese restaurants it changes from “Irasshaimase” to “Massei” or “Irrashimasee” etc. I have no idea how many permutations I’ve heard before. It’s the same in Miam Miam with “Bonjour” sounding so much like the Hokkien “bo jio” or “Merci” sounding like the Cantonese “meh si”, I can’t help but feel a simple “Welcome” and “Thank you” will suffice. And to hear it several times over the course of my meal annoyed me to no end.  Plus, I heard the manager chiding the staff for not even bothering to say it when I was there. Perhaps a simple “hello and welcome” will do without making them feel silly?

Apart from that, the food at Miam Miam is actually…well.. pretty miam. I started my meal with a main course sized Wafu Tofu salad filled with shaved turnips, carrots and mesclun leaves topped with cubes of tofu, sesame seeds, nori and wafu dressing. Refreshing, light and it helps me feel less guilty when I chow down on dessert. 😛

Tofu Wafu Salad

Tofu Wafu Salad

I shared the squid ink rice with my dining companion that came topped with a creamy egg omelette. The rice was soft but not too mushy, it is not paella standard but the smoky bits of burnt rice at the edges gave the dish a nice crunch. There are also generous amounts of prawns and squids nestled within the squid ink rice. If you are really hungry, I’d suggest the pasta as the servings looked huge!

Squid Ink RIce

Squid Ink Rice

But the piece de resistance, I must say is the highly recommended French Toast. What’s so special about french toast, you might ask. The pain perdu at Miam Miam is  brioche soaked in milk and eggs before being pan fried. It comes topped with a dollop of fresh cream Chantilly and a little pot of syrup for drizzling. Mmmm. C’est bon!

French Toast

French Toast

So, is Miam Miam, really miam? Yes, I would think so. I will be back to try more dishes, hopefully during a quieter hour so I don’t hear mangled “Bo jio!” every other minute.

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