Sync Korean Fusion Bistro – Singapore

I have to say right off the bat that I’m not a huge fan of Korean food as the flavours are too strong for my liking. But I did have a nice time at Sync Korean Fusion Bistro.

Yes I am aware that Sync’s version of Korean food isn’t exactly orthodox but it was certainly a good rendition of it.

However it was odd that a Korean restaurant powered by Samsung was playing Iggy Azalea instead of 2ne1 or something…anyway.

We ordered the more traditional sounding dishes, the Jajangmyeon and the beef Bibimbap.
The Korean Jajangmyeon is a version of the Chinese 炸酱面, noodles tossed in fermented black bean sauce with minced meat. Sync replaced the traditional noodles with pasta resulting in an Asian inspired bolognese. It was a little salty for my liking, but the al dente pasta gave a harder texture to the dish that was rather pleasant. It’s a little less slimy than the traditional version too.

The bibimbap came with a soft boiled egg instead of the traditional raw yolk atop a piping hot stone bowl. The thin sukiyaki beef slices were well marinated but once again, it was too salty for my liking. However when paired with the piquant kimchi, spicy chilli pepper paste and the white rice, the flavours came together quite nicely with the different dimensions dancing on my tongue.

We also tried the topokki – Korean rice cakes covered in spicy sweet sauce. The version at Sync came topped with crispy bacon, fish cake and a soft boiled egg. I’d much prefer the Chinese savoury 年糕 which is essentially the same thing fried with meat and cabbage, but the topokki has a chewier texture to it which I liked.

For dessert, we had the popcorn Makguli, a milky rice liquor with caramel popcorn on the side and a Hotteok topped with adzuki beans.


The Makguli was nothing to shout about but the Hotteok was a pleasant surprise. The pancake dough was filled with cinnamon, nuts, brown sugar and honey. It had a crunchy and chewy texture that was further accentuated by the creamy vanilla ice cream and sandy adzuki beans.

Does this change my mind about Korean food? Not really, but I would come back to Sync for another visit just for the Hotteok.