Hoshino Coffee – Singapore

I’ve been wanting to visit this Japanese cafe since I saw the fluffy “soufflé” pancake models displayed outside the store.

But there was a queue for the longest time outside Hoshino Coffee and I never managed to try until now. And was it worth the wait?

I must say not really. The pancakes aren’t really glorified airy soufflé pancakes. They were more like a dense sponge cake with a dollop of clotted cream and a small pitcher of honey on the side.

The batter is relatively tasteless and required a lot of honey syrup if not, it just feel like you’re chewing through old Sara Lee pound cake after a while.

But I’m glad to say although I was disappointed by the pancake, I did like the main courses at Hoshino.

The squid ink pasta was perfectly al dente with just the right amount of oil and squid ink to keep the pasta from sticking together. Not a great date dish but screw eat food comes first.

My favourite dish was the Tomato Cream Omu Rice. A fluffy egg encases crispy rice with bits of mushroom and bacon drenched in a comforting tomato cream gravy. The chunks of mozzarella added a pizza-like quality to the dish with a gluey consistency. Very filling and very good.

Well I must say even though I was disappointed with the soufflé pancakes, I was suitably impressed by the Japanese-Western food at Hoshino. Strange how you go in thinking you’ll love one thing but leave liking another.

Visit Hoshino Coffee in Plaza Singapura level 3 (the new wing).