Nickeldime Drafthouse – Singapore

Craft beer lovers take note. Nickeldime Drafthouse has over 15 craft beers on tap daily, but before you proceed to get wasted, do line your stomach with the treats on its menu.

Located where the old Peach Garden Restaurant used to be in Novena, the space stands out from its neighbours with a large brightly lit BEER sign, like a beacon to all barflies. The beers sold includes brands such as Tiny Rebel, The Unholy Monk and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

The gastrobar serves a variety of bar bites infused with beer. I had the Salted Brezel Saucisson to start and it was my favourite part of the meal.

The chewy pretzel is of the harder German variety not the soft Aunty Anne’s one which I loved. The yeasty finish of the pretzel went well with the chive cream cheese spread and the saucisson. Excellent accoutrement for beer indeed.
Nickeldime’s infuses it’s pizza dough with beer and the result is chewier and with a slight bitterness to it from the beer. I was recommended the Salami and Chilli pizza. However I must say my pizza looks slight different from the one pictured on the website. Perhaps they forgot my chillis. Still a great pizza bite though.


My friend and I also shared the Ale Snapper Fish & Chips and the calamari.

The calamari was unremarkable but the former dish saved the day.

The fish was coated in crisp and light beer batter and it flaked at the touch of the fork. It reminded me of the fish and chips I’ve had in the UK, only with more flavour. The British one can be a bit bland 🙂

But I caught a whiff of slightly stale oil the day I was there. Perhaps it was on its last legs when I visited. Other people who have gone told me they didn’t have the same experience.


After two full pints of beer and beer infused mains, I decided there was too much yeast in my meal and skipped the alcohol fuelled desserts. I decided on a plain but good pumpkin tart.

I am not sure if they sourced this from a baker, as I noticed the pre-made shell. The filling within was a light pumpkin custard topped with ice cream, whipped cream and a
small crisp pretzel.

The gastrobar has a masculine feel with the wide array of beers and beer infused everything else, but I am glad to see it still has a light touch for its food and unobtrusive service.