Tonkotsu King Matsuri – Singapore

I cannot begin to even explain how much I love the Tonkotsu King chain by Ramen Keisuke. Chef Keisuke really has his recipes down pat and thus far, no other ramen chain can beat his, in my opinion. His newest outlet in Parkway Parade is Tonkotsu King Matsuri which is based on a festival. The atmosphere is celebratory with a huge paper sculpture in the middle that was brought in specifically from Japan.

The signature ramen bowls at Tonkotsu King Matsuri feature celebratory bowls of ramen from different regions of Japan. I tried all four flavours and I realised I still like the first one best. The Nebuta from Aomori features a thick pork bone broth with dried fish stock. It gave the ramen an ambrosial quality by adding a taste of the sea to an already comforting broth. Very addictive and light.

The second one I tried was the Sanja, the festival from Tokyo Asakusa feature three different spice pastes – green chilli, red chilli and black peppery paste. This one I didn’t like so much as I felt it was over complicated and the spice overpowered the broth.

Top left: Nebuta, Sanja, Awaodori, Yukimatsuri

Top left: Nebuta, Sanja, Awaodori, Yukimatsuri

The third one is definitely the most filling one of the lot. The Awaodori from Tokushima is a ultra thick tonkotsu based broth topped with a raw egg and sukiyaki pork slices. The pork is reminiscent of the one from Tonkotsu King Four Seasons (read review here) with sweet onions, mirin and teriyaki sauce. The broth becomes even thicker after stirring in the raw yolk, so if you’re a fan of thick gooey soup, this one is for you.

The last one is the Yukimatsuri from Hokkaido, this miso tonkotsu broth is given a western twist with parmesan cheese. It is the same as the Spring dish from Tonkotsu King Four Seasons sans the basil oil, which I disliked. Surprisingly, I actually liked this version. Perhaps it was the lack of basil oil that made all the difference. This last one is undoubtedly the most salty of the lot as well due to the parmesan cheese and miso paste. I probably would not be able to eat the Yukimatsuri on my own as I’ll get too thirsty.

But I must say, I loved the Nebuta one and I will order that one the next time I return. I am a creature of habit after all.