Greyhound Cafe – Bangkok, Thailand

Thai fashion label Greyhound’s cafe concept is a quirky and fine place with Thai-Western influences. An excellent linkage to the label too.

So I finally managed to make my way to the outlet at Centralworld. And I was pleasantly surprised.

I had an excellent French Onion Soup to start. It had a very strong taste of wine, a sweet onion broth and it was topped with a baguette with melted cheese. Yummy!

I also got the recommended Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings. The mini wings are marinated in fish sauce giving it a moreish quality. It helps the wings are so small you can eat more of it without feeling too guilty… I hope.

The Complicated Noodles from Greyhound Cafe are, well, not that complicated. Simply take
The lettuce leaf, add the noodle sheet, the ground meat and cilantro, then the green garlic chilli. Wrap it up and stuff into your mouth. Voila! It’s a really interesting and light dish that I’d recommend to share. It is a little messy though, so have some wet wipes on hand.

My dining companion had a really stinky. “Green” salad with wakame, celery, glass noodles, Chilli and garlic. There were also bits of shrimp. I found it really pungent as there was a scent of fermented shrimp coming from the salad. I am unsure what the strong scent was, but it’s the closest thing I can describe.

My main was the Fresh Lasagna Salad. And it was delicious. It’s a layered creation filled with grilled aubergines, capsicums, tomatoes and mushrooms. It is drizzled with pesto sauce and topped with Parmesan shavings. A light but satisfying meal. A good break from the oily Pad Thai I was having the day before.

Now onto dessert. I had the most decadent Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake with sea salt at Greyhound. The cake was small but dense and moist. The wooden spoon came with a dollop of extra salted caramel, and the sea salt was sprinkled liberally on the plate. Completing the dish is the mound of crème chantilly. Heaven had arrived.