Long Phung – Singapore

Having lived in Saigon for a period of time, I find myself loathing the poor versions of Vietnamese food available in Singapore, until I found Long Phung.

Joo Chiat has a somewhat seedy reputation at night for being a hooking area for Vietnamese prostitutes. With that of course, comes with a lot of really authentic Vietnamese restaurants. As dodgy as that sounds.

Anyway, I was at Long Phung during lunch on a Saturday after 2pm to avoid the queue for the restaurant. The menu is quite extensive with a good range of pho, bun bo hue and my favourite, bun thit nuong cha gio.

And the best part, it’s relatively cheap too! Well not as cheap as the streets of Saigon, of course. But cheap for SIN City standards.
Bun thit nuong cha gio is essentially rice noodles with Vietnamese roasted lemongrass pork and nem – fried Vietnamese spring rolls.

The dry mixture comes together with the addition of a sweet fish sauce condiment which makes for an foodgasmic experience. The pork is smokey, sweet and the nem was crisp and generously filled. I have never had a bun thit nuong so close to the one I had in Saigon in SIN City before this. I was so happy, I could have cried tears of joy. 😥

My lunch partner had the pho dac biet, a bountiful pho (say: fur) with beef balls, slices and brisket. It also came topped with a raw egg yolk, which I’ve never seen done in Saigon.

The stock was well brewed with a strong beefy flavour. This soup did not come out from a packet for sure.
Excellent indeed!

All in all a highly recommended Vietnamese food place in Joo Chiat. If you’re in for a little more “sight-seeing” go at night for dinner. I won’t judge… 😛

159 Joo Chiat Road
Open from 1pm to 2am