Strato – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So, I was in Kuala Lumpur for a short work trip the other week and I surprisingly found a decent Italian restaurant. Strato is located in the chi chi Troika sky dining on the 23rd floor. I must admit that it was a work dinner, so the prices are a little more expensive for Malaysian standards, but, it’s about the same price as a mid-price Italian restaurant like Pasta Brava in Singapore.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. On to the food.

Troika 1

Buffalo mozzarella with beef prosciutto and warm green salad topped with pear

The buffalo mozzarella had a unique twist due to the addition of mint pesto. The assortment of nuts adorning the dish also gave it a good crunch. The warm salad came with some sauteed button mushrooms and sliced pears for sweetness.

I love warm salads as they don’t make me feel like a cow chewing on cud, and I still get my 2 servings of vegetables. 😛

Calamari and prawn with herb oil and  Potato gnocchi with braised chicken ragù and shaved cured foie gras

Calamari and prawn with herb oil and Potato gnocchi with braised chicken ragù and shaved cured foie gras

The next starter of Calamari and prawn in herb oil came with caper mayonnaise and a warm potato salad beneath. The herb oil and caper mayonnaise prevented the dish from becoming too plain by giving it richness and dimension. However, I must say that the shrimp felt a little dry, perhaps slightly over seared?

I must say, my main course of potato gnocchi with braised chicken ragu and shaved foie gras was my absolute favourite of the evening!

The gnocchi was chewy and perfectly al dente. And the chicken ragu sauce tasted almost like it contained shredded beef or pork with its much welcomed meaty texture.  But, I didn’t taste any cured foie gras though, perhaps it had been overpowered by the other strong ingredients.


Strawberry Pannacotta

After the gnocchi I was pretty much stuffed, but I just could not resist having dessert. The Strawberry Panna Cotta is done nicely albeit slightly too gelatinous. “Where’s the strawberry?” I wondered. I cut it open and out oozed the strawberry puree. Mmm. The short bread crumbs were quite apt for the dish as well.

Yes, I went to Malaysia and had Italian food. So, sue me.

It’s just across the border from SIN City, so the cuisine isn’t that different. Varied, but not different. And where else can I get to “sky dine” at an affordable price (after the currency exchange).