Khun Mee Thai -Singapore

I’ve been eating too much Western food lately, and I’ve started to crave for more familiar food. My journey to the far East of SIN City took me to the heartlands of Bedok Point where a new Chinese-Thai street food  cafe just opened its doors.

Khun Mee Thai is probably the closest I can get to the street food at Pratunam in Bangkok, in SIN City. I know, I’m shocked that they didn’t open in Little Thailand a.k.a Golden Mile Complex too! But, hey less competition in Bedok, right?

Boy have I missed the lard-filled goodness of the food in Bangkok! The Ba Mee Kiao, is the signature dish at Khun Mee Thai. It is essentially the Thai-Chinese take on wanton noodles. The cafe has a factory manufacture its own premium egg noodles devoid of the smell of alkali, which I love. The resulting noodles are smoother and springier as well.

The Ba Mee Kiao at Khun Mee Thai comes with soup wantons, a lava egg and char siew. The noodles are also tossed in garlic oil and lard, and it is topped with a heart stopping amount of fried lard bits as well. Not a dish for heart health, that’s for sure.



Apart from that the signature noodles are also used in Green Curry and Tom Yum. Should you prefer something more quintessentially Thai. I also did like the stewed pigs trotters from Khun Mee Thai. The vinegary sauce that accompanied the trotter was simply divine. Unfortunately, I had a memory stick accident and deleted the trotter image… so no pics for that, sorry. 😦

Khun Mee 1

Green Curry Noodles and Tom Yum Noodles


If you’re the type who like to slurp up all the gravy when you’re having laksa or the like, the Green Curry noodles are for you. The noodles pick up the gravy quite nicely and every mouthful is full of slurpy goodness.

The Tom Yum soup at Khun Mee Thai can be requested “clear” if you prefer a less milky soup, but the spice level of the tom yum definitely requires the milk to cut through all that spiciness.

Khun Mee 2

Fried Chicken Cartilage and Fried Chicken Skin

Other Thai staples such as Fried Chicken Cartilage and Fried Chicken Skin are also excellent for sharing at Khun Mee Thai. Nothing says “I love you” like sharing saturated fat with your loved ones. Most of the fat has already been removed from the chicken skin before it is fried, making it somewhat healthier…  I hope.

Truth be told, if you’re going to head to Khun Mee Thai, throw your health and diet out the window. Enjoy the moment, then go to the gym later.