Salt Grill & Sky Bar – Singapore

Celebrated Australian chef Luke Mangan’s restaurant reopened with a new facelift and a couple of new updates to the menu. I’ve only been to the tapas bar, so I was glad for the excuse to visit the grill and sky bar at Ion Orchard.

The restaurant serves modern Australian cuisine with farm fresh ingredients. The new dishes include refreshing starters such as the Sashimi of Kingfish with ginger, eschalot and goat feta. Now, I dislike goat cheese and anything related to goat, so I just shifted the cheese cubes aside and enjoyed the pristine taste of the kingfish and the slight heat from the ginger.

salt 1

Kingfish sashimi and Baby Vegetables

The Baby Vegetables, also came with goat cheese curds which I avoided. But the marinated heirloom vegetables had a satisfying crunch and slight tanginess to them from what I think is balsamic vinegar. The little croutons you see is actually ginger bread, and that added a little sweetness and spice to the dish.

Glass Sydney Crab Omelette and Smoked Quail

Glass Sydney Crab Omelette and Smoked Quail

The ‘glass’ Sydney Crab Omelette came filled with enoki mushrooms and a miso-mustard broth, it’s a comforting dish, but I am not entirely sure if a fluffy egg omelette stuffed with mushrooms and crab meat warrant the $33 price tag…I would much rather pay for the Tea Smoked Quail which is $2 lesser than the egg.

The tea smoked quail is boneless, tender and utterly savoury and fragrant. The accompanying almond cream and prunes added a sweetness to the dish which complemented the smokiness exceedingly well. My favourite item on the menu thus far.


I also tried the Sirloin 250g Rangers Valley, 300 days grain fed steak with Moroccan spice, sauteed spinach, eggplant puree and red wine sauce. The a la carte dish costs quite a pretty penny, but the dishes I mentioned above as well as a variation of this steak are available on the more affordable executive set lunch menu.

The steak comes at a default at medium, but I didn’t mind as it was cooked perfectly. You can still see the fat marbling in the steak… Mmmm. The eggplant puree and spinach also gives a lightness to the meal instead of the usual heavy mashed potato side.

Luke's Liquorice Parfait and Cafe Latte

Luke’s Liquorice Parfait and Cafe Latte

I’m not a fan of liquorice, but Luke’s Liquorice Parfait was the perfect end to the meal with its creamy flavours with a twist of tart lime. And what’s a meal without coffee to finish it off? Look how pretty the caffe latte looks!

Pretty pricy, but lunch menus are acceptable at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. Once in while.