Hakata Ikkousha – Singapore

Yes, I finally visited another ramen joint other than my favourite Tonkotsu King chain. I happened to visit the newly reopened CHIJmes and its Japanese wing and there I found the second Hakata Ikkousha outlet. And, I must say, I am presently surprised by Hakata Ikkousha. I actually, might go back. My loyalty to Tonkotsu King knows no bounds as the broth is always stellar, but Hakata Ikkousha’s is not too bad either.


I was a little apprehensive when I saw the white ramen egg as it usually means it has not been soaked in the sauces long enough. But the egg proved me wrong with its salty full flavour. Perhaps the chef removed shoyu from his marinade and just used mirin and salt. Anyway, moving on to the noodles!

ramen ikkousha 1

Black Tonkotsu and Special Tonkotsu

I loved the Black Tonkotsu! A lump of garlic paste  and fried garlic pieces are added to the pork bone broth giving it an amazing aroma that was not overpowering. My noodles were a hard texture as I prefer my ramen to have a bit of bite. The Special Tonkotsu is quite a sight to behold with slices of pork hanging off the side of the bowl. It is essentially a basic bowl of pork bone ramen with the works. The pork for the Special is much leaner than the usual cha shu.

ramen ikkousha 2

Spicy Ramen and Shio Ramen

If you like things hot, try the Spicy Tonkotsu. I’m not too big a fan of this one as I dislike chilli oil. But I did like the Shio Tonkotsu that came after. It was lighter in taste and it was less oily. So, if you’re new to ramen, perhaps try this one if you’re not prepared for the richness of the pork bone broth.

All in all, not a bad place to visit for ramen.

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