Joyden Seafood Restaurant – Singapore

This restaurant has been right under my nose for almost my whole life and I never visited until lately. And boy, has it changed my life. I am not kidding when I say it is just across the road from where I live. It is literally just that.

I don’t even like crab, but my favourite dish from Joyden was the signature cream crab. Shocking, I know.



The crab meat, I am still not too big a fan, but the cream sauce with pumpkin puree and curry leaves is to die for. I could just mop up all the sauce with the deep fried buns!

joyden 1

Yam Ring and Crab Vermicelli


The other dish I enjoyed immensely was the Deep Fried Yam Ring with Lemongrass Pork Ribs encased within. The yam ring is fragrant and did not stink of stale oil (which believe me, is quite hard to find in SIN). I loved how they changed the usual cashew chicken filling within to sweet and slightly spicy pork ribs instead. Excellent indeed.

The latter dish is also a signature of Joyden’s. The Crab Vermicelli is cooked in a moist and flavourful reduced broth resulting in a comforting dish.

joyden 2

The next dish is a little bit more expensive, so, be sure to ask for the market rate before ordering. The Lobster Glutinous Rice is amazing. Lobster is lobster, but the glutinous rice stole the show! The fragrance from the crustacean with the usual glutinous rice toppings such as Chinese waxed sausages, spring onions, fried onions and garlic made this dish mouth-watering. The smell emanating from this dish, was simply divine.

The last dish we shared was the Herbal Chicken. It pulls apart with a mere prodding with a fork and spoon! The chicken is tender and juicy. Even the breast meat, that most find dry was good.

Joyden lies right under my nose, but with all the press, I might have to book in advance before even going!