Becasse – Singapore

Stop the presses! I’ve found a combination of two of my favourite foods. Pancakes and Sticky Date Pudding. Sydney-cafe Becasse in Dempsey Hill does breakfast that is far beyond stodgy pancakes and eggs benny.

Just look at this amazing stack of Sticky Date Pancakes topped with Vanilla ice cream! Ok, I admit it is a little decadent for breakfast, but what’s a few calories when you share? Sharing is caring 😛

It’s like someone took all the goodness in a sticky date pudding and compressed it into a flat pancake, soaked it in butterscotch sauce, added sliced bananas and topped with with a vanilla bean worthy ice cream. Mmmmm….


It’s a stackway to heaven

Other dishes I tried also included the Homemade Boursin. Boursin is a savoury type of cream cheese from France, usually with green onions. Becasse’s version of boursin came in a rocket salad with beetroot and compressed figs and nuts. The cheese is exceptionally creamy and went well with the compressed fig circle. Ignoring the fact that the cream cheese probably has like a million calories, this dish is incredibly easy to eat.

becasse 1


The latter dish you see is the Steak Tartare from Becasse. It is relatively small but features hand cut tenderloin with a touch of vinaigrette. The raw egg comes prettily in its half shell. I could eat this entire plate on my own! Perhaps next time, if I can stop myself from having the pancakes. My dining companion kicked our fatty breakfast up a notch with the Salted Caramel Macaron Milkshake.

How does a macaron milkshake look like you ask?


Damn right it’s better than yours


The creamy milkshake came rimmed with coloured sugar, caramel popcorn and a turquoise macaron with salted caramel ganache within. The macarons from Becasse are surprising huge as well. The brown bits in the milkshake are crackling chocolate pops. This is one milkshake that would bring all the boys to the yard.