Buttero – Singapore

Don’t make the mistake I did by saying it like a Yank. It’s not butter-o. It’s said the Italian way “boo-tear-ro” which means cowboy. Located on the very busy Tras Street, it serves Italian fusion fare and cocktails. When I was there with a couple of friends on a week day for lunch, it was actually pretty crowded. Perhaps make a reservation if you’re going in a group of more than 6.

photo 2


We had the Torn Buffalo Mozza & Fried Cornbread, The Pulled Pork Waffle Fries and the Triple Cheese and Truffle Toasty to start. The first dish was a refreshing take on the Caprese salad with a touch of sweetness from the cornbread. The subsequent two dishes were just pure sin. The waffle fries came smothered in mozzarella sauce and the toasty was oozing with caramelised onions, mozzarella, parmesan and fontinella cheese. Mmm!

photo 3

We each shared the mains of Pappardelle and Housemade Gnocchi. The pappardelle was covered in a fresh tomato, basil and parmesan was my favourite of the two. The pasta was al dente and the fennel seeds added a nice crunchy texture to the pasta. The latter however with honeyed brussel sprouts was kinda disappointing as the gnocchi was too soft. But I was told it was meant to be that way. Chalk it up to preference, but I like gnocchi chewy.

For dessert, I had the most amazing cannolis ever. In Singapore, at least. I used to think the most amazing on was from Cafe Brunetti, but now since theirs tastes like scheisse now…I am glad for Buttero.

photo 1

The cannolis are hot and crispy and pumped full of whipped ricotta, lemon and chocolate sauce. The cannoli is best eaten in three whole bites. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. The latter two desserts you see are the Vanilla Pannacotta and Milk Chocolate Rosemary Pot. The milk chocolate pot came with a light scent of rosemary that had me reaching for another spoonful.

The panna cotta came with peanut candy on the top for a slight Asian twist, but otherwise it was nothing special. Will I go back to Buttero again?  Yes. Definitely.

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