Speculoos Blondies – Singapore

It’s baking Sunday again! Especially since I got a jar of Speculoos butter from Poppy & Co. I’ve heard of speculoos butter for the longest time, and actually I was almost going to make it myself from scratch since it isn’t available here at the supermarket. What is Speculoos you ask? It is only one of the best cookies on Earth, that’s all.

It’s a caramelised cookie flavoured with cinnamon, in SIN it is sold in the supermarket as Lotus. Imagine the wonders you could do when baking with this baby.


It also comes in crunchy

So I found this recipe for Biscoff Blondies (Biscoff is another name for Speculoos Butter) here. It is actually quite easy to make, I spent maybe 20 minutes prepping and 20 minutes baking. Blondies are essentially brownies sans cocoa, instead it gets its sweetness from brown sugar. Muscovado sugar will do as well and it has a stronger molasses flavour.

I will not repeat the entire recipe here since the link is already provided, I would actually recommend the amount of chocolate chips to be 1/4 cup. 1/2 a cup is pushing it a little and it makes the blondies a little too sweet.

biscoff brownies 1


The mixture will be quite thick at the end, almost like a cookie dough but after baking it comes out just fine. The edges were a little crisp but the middle was nice and chewy.


I will be attempting another recipe soon enough with my stash of speculoos butter.