Pince & Pints – Singapore

Since this lobster only joint opened up on Duxton Road, the wait time to get into this restaurant is ridiculously long. The longest wait for a table was 3 hours! But, I managed to get in as my friends placed our names on the list the moment the restaurant opened. We didn’t wait very long, perhaps 30 minutes?

Anyway, we went at about 5pm, the moment the restaurant opened for business. Yeah, it was an early day for me, so I had some time on my hands. Pince & Pints is exactly what it sounds like- it serves lobsters and alcohol. There are only three dishes on the menu and they are priced at $48 each. And each dish contains a whole lobster. Yes, a whole lobster. Yes, I know it sounds like the Burger & Lobster in the UK. But we aren’t in the UK right now, so SIN has Pince & Pints!

My favourite of the three is definitely the Lobster Roll.
photo 2


The buns are slathered in butter and pan fried before a whole lobster marinated with mayonnaise, salt and pepper is stuffed between the pillowy goodness. It comes with a side of fries, mesclun salad with parmesan and a garlic aioli sauce. The bun oozes a greasy fragrance of butter that went well with the lobster stuffing. Mmm!

The other two dishes was a simple Whole Lobster (grilled, steamed etc) and a Chilli Lobster – a lobster version of the local chilli crab dish. We had the whole lobster grilled.

photo 1


The grilled lobster was smokey and the flesh separated easily from the shell. The clarified butter sauce provided also gave the lobster a creamier taste without overpowering the natural taste of the crustacean. The last dish, I wasn’t a fan. Not because of the lobster, but I don’t like chilli crab to begin with. However, I must say due to the fleshier nature of the lobster. The chilli lobster is a cleaner dish. You don’t have to dig in with your hands so much.

There are no desserts at Pince & Pints, but since you’re on Duxton, you can easily head off to one of the many cafes in the area for your sugar fix.