Potato Head Folk – Singapore

Do you hear the sound of buzz dying down? I certainly do after visiting the much awaited Potato Head Folk in SIN.

Having been to the beautiful Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, I had high expectations for the one in SIN, but I kept an open mind regarding the concept here. And unfortunately, my impression is “rip off”.

The iconic building at the junction of Keong Saik houses Potato Head Folk with the second floor taken by the Three Buns burger joint. The menu is quite amusing with cocktail names such as Queen La-Tea-Fah but the food fell short of my expectations.

I’m going start from what was good to save this posting.

What you see above is Wing Its, simple bar snack featuring a barbecue sauce coated basket of chicken drumlets. The chicken was fairly juicy and sticky with barbecue sauce, essentially an excellent accoutrement for beer.

Next up is the Naughty Fries, with fried hand cut skin-on potatoes smothered in spicy bearnaise, minced beef and shallots. It was addictively good, but once again as a bar snack.

Three Buns supposedly serves prime beef patties cooked to a default of medium or to the doneness specified. Let’s just say that the only thing “well done” on the burger menu are the patties. I ordered the Baby Huey medium rare, which is a 150g beef patty, cheese, spiced mayo and the Notorious T.O.M sauce – house-made ketchup. Well, keep in mind the burgers cost about $19-$25 when you look at the image below.

The lemon or chocolate dessert cups were much worse. It comes in airline meal pudding cups and cost $6.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re going to charge me that much for a burger or a pudding cup, you damn well plate it nicely. Don’t give it to me wrapped in paper or in a disposable aluminium cup!

The Potato Head in Bali serves plated proper western food for about the same price. Perhaps the one in SIN will see that riding on the name alone not going to make it as a sustainable business model.

Visit www.pttheadfolk.com