Roosevelt’s – Singapore

Have I finally found a decent place serving American food? I believe I have.  Despite their social media faux pas a couple of months ago with the badly misguided #nothorsepiss campaign (ahem, essentially backfired on them as it brought the person they were trying to slam more notoriety), the food is good value for money indeed.

The BBQ Baby Back Ribs at Roosevelt’s is fork-tender and the meat falls off the bone, the portion we had was a half-slab, a full slab can be had at $6 more. The slab of ribs came with french fries, homemade corn and side salad.



My dining companions had the Southern Fried Chicken and the Candied Bacon Burger. The chicken is soaked in buttermilk overnight before being battered and fried the next that. The accompanying secret spicy rouille-like dip is excellent for dunking the chicken in as well. The sides for the chicken are the corn and triple mashed potato – potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

Roosevelt 1


As for the burger, I am not really sure why Americans are freaking out over candied bacon. We’ve had it here all our lives. It’s called bak kwa. But anyway, the burger came in puffy buns but the patty leaves something to be desired. A little dry and not juicy enough.


But my favourite main ever at Roosevelt’s is definitely the Jalapeno Truffle Mac & Cheese. It uses small elbow macaroni gratinated in a a cream sauce filled with chopped jalapenos and generous amounts of bacon. I also love the crispy breadcrumbs adorning the top of the dish. Absolutely sinful and artery clogging, but hey, it is American food after all. Don’t expect a salad bar.

Now, desserts! I recommend the fresh and crisp waffles -the below image the chocolate and banana one- and the Forest Berry Crumble. The crumble is more like a cobbler with the mushy cooked fruit and crisp dough on the top, look how the vanilla ice cream melts into the cocotte.

Roosevelt 2

Well, this is a place one can’t visit too often for the sake of one’s waistline.