Open Door Policy – Singapore

Located on the trendy Yong Siak Street in the Tiong Bahru area, Open Door Policy (ODP), has revamped its menu since its opening in 2012. And I am quite liking the change, I must say.

ODP is owned by the Spa Esprit group which is known for their ventures such as Forty Hands, Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier and Skinny Pizza. They also have a multitude of beauty brands under their umbrella. Anyway, ODP’s menu is shaken up with the help of Ryan Clift from sister restaurant The Tippling Club, known for its stellar reputation in SIN City.

My dining companions and I started off with a appetiser of fresh burratina cheese with wagyu beef bresaola accompanied with confit cherry tomatoes and crystal bread. The burratina was creamy but not too liquid on the inside and delightfully curd like on the outside, a sign of a well made burratina. The crispy crouton crystal bread helped mop up the cheese, letting you savour every bite.

If you are a fan of blood sausages, try the starter of seared scallops with cauliflower couscous, boudin noir and preserved lemon. The scallops were large Hokkaido ones and they were well seared and pristine fresh. I was slightly apprehensive about the boudin noir, but it surprisingly just tastes like a chewy sausage with a banger-like texture. But still, not a sausage I’d order on my own.

photo 4

Above: Burratina, Below: Scallops and boudin noir

My favourite dish was my main course at ODP. The generously portioned hand made chorizo ‘tortelli’ with fried sage, burnt butter sauce and spinach. I counted 7 Chinese dumpling sized tortellis which did an excellent job of filling me up. The filling is smokey/slightly spicy with the chorizo filling combined with the buttery sauce… you have the perfect pasta dish.

Above: Tortellis, Below: ODP Boulliabaisse

Above: Tortellis, Below: ODP Bouillabaisse

The ODP Bouillabaisse comes dry with prawns, rouille, seabass, squid, scallops  and baby fennel before the waiter drizzles the hot broth over the components. I realise that Ryan Clift has a penchant for serving dishes like this, evident from some of his other establishments that I’ve visited. I guess it makes for better presentation. Having said that, it is not real bouillabaisse if there is no rockfish, but it is difficult to get here  so I accept the substitutes used in this dish.

My dining companion had the prettiest risotto made for food pictures ever at ODP. Presenting the Beetroot Risotto topped with feta Goat Cheese and Pea Tendrils.

photo 1

The risotto was nicely al dente and not too mushy. Any mushier than this textured, you’d end up with muifan. The risotto was oddly enough, slightly sweet and did not really have an earthy scent from the beetroot, which I liked.

For dessert, I  highly suggest the chocolate pistachio soufflé with creme anglaise. Served in a coffee cup, the pretty green souffle is airy (no shit Sherlock) and mixed into a chocolatey, nutty mixture after the creme anglaise was poured in. And yes, the creme anglaise goes INTO the souffle for you dining noobs out there.

photo 2

Voila, reservations are recommended for ODP as I’ve seen the restaurant turn away walk ins due to the lack of space. Visit

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