Restaurant Les Pecheurs – Nice, France

Finally the last of my France postings. I intended to post this much earlier but I caught a bad bout of the flu which rendered me worthless and semi-zombified for the past week.

Anyway, for my last meal in Nice, le boyfriend and I looked to the Michelin guide for help and Restaurant Les Pecheurs was listed in the guide. This restaurant is not starred, it is just in the guide much like Tripadvisor. We made a reservation at the restaurant which was also recommended by several online sites and the restaurant started filling up at about 7.30pm onwards.

Service at the restaurant was slightly brusque but efficient. I don’t expect service from the French anyway. They’ll bring out the huge platter of fish to show you what fish they have for the day. Of course, the fish will be sold at market price, and being the albeit thrifty couple we are, we chose the set menu instead which cost us about 40 euros each for the 4 course meal.

photo 2

They served us an amuse bouche of olive tapenade and crusty bread and on to the starters of a Homemade Vanilla Foie Gras in two styles (brulee and rillette) and three marmalades and the Seafood Marinara Linguine for me.

photo 1


The two other pictures below feature a tuna steak atop tossed teriyaki vegetables and a bouillabaisse for me. The bouillabaisse came with rouille, some cheese and oddly enough a raw garlic to rub on the crusty bread than came with the soup. The soup contain two pieces of fish, several clams and mussels as well as a shrimp. The rouille on the side was excellent with the bread as well.

Desserts came pretty swiftly in the form of a cheesecake dome, as seen below encrusted with chocolate and a chocolate fondant cake with a side of pear sorbet.

photo 3The fondant was nothing special but the accompanying pear sorbet was refreshing and helped settle the entire meal. After, le boyfriend and I walked 45 minutes back to Promenade des Anglais where our hotel was from the port.

photo 4