Le Marché – Nice, France

I was only in Nice (say: NEECE) for a day, so it was pretty much a whirlwind experience through the sights. But I made sure not to miss Vieux Nice (Old Nice).

Trying to avoid tourist traps were kind of hard given that you’re in a tourist area, but my boyfriend and I were surprised that this “trap” we picked had decent food.

After minutes of wandering around, we settled at Le Marché, which was reasonably priced. A lot of the menus were actually written in French, Russian, Greek and of course Italian including this one.

My boyfriend ordered the Capon which is a castrated rooster (don’t ask me how they got that idea) and I had the cuisine de Nice, the Daube de Bœuf with gnocchi. Apparently, when something is smelly you can say “c’est daube!” Mais, je n’ai pas compris pourquoi, car il sentait bon. Voila!


The top image is the Daube. Essentially a beef stew with Provençal herbs and wine. Almost like a variation on the bœuf bourguignon. The meat shredded easily but the gnocchi that came with it was a little overdone, but I’m not complaining. It also comes with ravioles. The Capon was surprisingly tender and came full-sized. The accompanying vegetables were stewing in the rotisserie’s chicken fat for a fragrance only animal fat coated vegetables could have.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face thinking about it.

A word of caution, the al fresco dining area of the restaurant is just next to the market. If you’re eating at about 2pm on Sunday, you might want to avoid sitting there as they would be cleaning the outside and some of that dirty water would end up on you.