La Brasserie Des Arts – St Tropez, France

The problem with St Tropez is finding a restaurant to dine at that serves decent food and isn’t a rip off. Kinda like in SIN City.

By chance, the boyfriend and I decided to stop by Brasserie des Arts on Place des Lices. The trick to differentiating restaurants lies in how much variety they have on the menu. If they are trying to do too much, the food is probably compromised.

Brasserie des Arts plat du jour was quite reasonable. As I recall it was about 30 something euros for lunch with two courses.

The starter was a simple cured fish atop a slice of baguette and a dab of crème fraîche. Unfortunately the fish had a tad too many bones which made it tough to eat, but tastewise, the olive oil and assorted vegetable made this a light start to the meal, which was just as well, because the mains available was either a poached fish covered in mash potatoes and chopped vegetable or a cocotte of beef cheek with a side of potatoes Provençal.

The main fish dish was fresh enough and the mash creamy and buttery. The diced vegetables gave the dish a nice crunch as well.

My main was the beef cheek, I’m not usually a fan of the cheek as I find it too gelatinous. But I had a craving to fulfil.

The beef cheek was fork-tender and shredded easily but I found it a little salty, but I do have a bland palate though. The potatoes were very good and it came with bits of charred roasted garlic.

However I had a bit of an accident an ended up splashing sauce all over myself after a potato fell off my fork and into the sauce. After that, I was pretty much “stick a fork in me, I’m done”.