Barbarac – St Tropez, France

Here I am in one of the many nouveau riche cities in the Cote d’Azur and the first thing I ate fresh off my two buses and a plane (not in that order but it sounded better), was a hulking scoop of gelato from Barbarac.

Created in 1986 by an Armenian man, “barbarac” means ice-cream in Armenian, this place probably serves one of the best gelati I’ve eaten. Even Berthillon’s in Paris cannot compare the dense creamy texture of Barbarac.

Credit: Barbarac Website

Credit: Barbarac Website

They have load and loads of flavours and it was perpetually packed! But I think that might have something to do with the Harley Davidson convention that was in town when I was visiting. Anyway, they have an array of flavours such as marron glaces – chestnut, tarte citron and an assortment of sorbets.

On two separate occasions I took the Speculoos flavour (it’s three euros a scoop) and Malaga a.k.a rum and raisin.



The top image is the Speculoos ice-cream. What is Speculoos? You know Lotus Biscuits, the best caramel biscuits in the world? They took all that goodness and made it into ice-cream. Absolutely incredible with bits of biscuit crumbs for texture. The Malaga was also excellent with heady rum soaked raisins for that adult kick.

The waffle cones at Barbarac are also worth the calories. They aren’t the lousy sugar cones you get, these are real eggy waffle cones and they are fresh and crisp.

Barbarac also has franchisees in Cannes and Paris.

Visit si vous parlez francais.