Seven Hills Hotel & Restaurant – Istanbul, Turkey

In my short few hours in Istanbul, I was taken by my new found Turkish friends to one of the restaurants in Istanbul with the best view Sultanahmet has to offer.

Seven Hills Hotel & Restaurant overlooks both the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia as well as the azure sea.

For such a pretty place, I was surprised to find that the price was not fancy at all. My main course of swordfish came up to about 39 liras or about $23. My friends has a big lunch before and shared some mezzes such as rice wrapped in grape leaves, olives, hummus and kidney beans. They also got a side of fried potatoes. We also ordered Turkish Efes beer.

The food was excellent and the swordfish was fresh. It took the scent of the charcoal grill resulting in a charred and smoky flavour that accentuated the taste of the sea.

If you’re in Istanbul for a whirlwind 6 hours while on transit, I highly recommend going to Seven Hills for a beautiful view and fresh food. The staff is also polite and will provide shawls when it starts to get chilly. Talk about personalised service!

I’ll be back Istanbul, for a longer visit.