The Provision Shop – Singapore

I’m a little tardy to the party with this one. I actually went there quite some time ago but forgot to write about it.

The Provision Shop is in the new hip enclave of Everton Park in Outram. It’s no mom and pop owned store, it is the sister outlet of French bistro Cocotte.

The cafe space is rather small but airy with bites such as sandwiches, pies and pastas on the menu.

I was delighted to find the Polish pierogi on the menu. Their take on a pierogi is stuffed with potatoes and cheese, doused in sour cream and topped with bacon lardons. Mmm. It’s quite huge as well and filling.


Apart from that, they have an array of sandwiches and appetisers. I liked the Reuben sandwich, with corned beef and Russian dressing and home made slaw. The bread at The Provision Shop has such lovely panini press marks. Even the toast that came with the burrata.

The prettiest dish was definitely the Pumpkin Quiche with sour cream and red cabbage slaw. But unfortunately they microwaved it and after a few minutes the quiche got a little hard and rubbery.

The cakes from The Provision Shop were a colossal disappointment so I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone, but do try their Salted Lemonade drink. The moreish taste had me hankering for another glass.