Apple Tart – Singapore

This lazy Sunday, I spent almost my entire afternoon swotting away in the kitchen making this apple tart, courtesy of Laura Calder’s recipe. And it was a roaring success. As usual with American or Canadian recipes, I find the amount of sugar appalling. And the end result was the tart being way too sweet for my liking, despite cutting the sugar content by 20 %.

Measurements and the detailed directions can be found on the Foodnetwork Canada site I linked up top. There’s no point in me repeating the directions here.

Anyway, making the pastry from scratch is quite easy, you’ll need some butter (I used salted), sugar, vanilla extract and flour. Knead until it forms a tacky dough before pressing it into a spring form pan. This can be a bit tricky if the dough is warm and sticky, press it gently and make sure it is even up the sides and on the base. Ensure that there are no holes as well. Blind bake the crust.

photo 1

Next prep the filling, you’ll need cream cheese, sugar, an egg and vanilla extract. Beat it well to incorporate air into the cream cheese for a light but creamy filling. Otherwise, it is going to end up a little too dense. Meanwhile, slice 3 red or green apples into thin wedges after peeling and coring them. Mix the apples with more sugar, and for me, I used five spice powder instead of cinnamon. Arranged them nicely atop the base and sprinkle chopped walnuts before baking it for 40 minutes.



As I said, the original recipe is quite sweet and the apples have their own natural sweetness, so perhaps be a little more sparing with the sugar.  Paired with a cup of coffee or tea, it is quite a nice goûter.

Bon appetit!