Hatter Street- Singapore

Out of this entire cafe craze that has taken over the food scene in Singapore, I must say Hatter Street is one of the best cafés I’ve been to.

It’s quite out in the boonies in Kovan, but boy, is it worth the commute. The chef was previously trained at 3-Michelin star Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, which is known for their extreme versions of Chinese cuisine.

Her creations are amazing. There’s no fixed menu at Hatter Street as it depends on what she wants to make that day. As it should be. I hate industrialised mom and pop cafés.

My favourite is their Smoked Sawdust Pudding. Inspired from the incense smoke from the temples in Macau as people eat cream puddings, this pot of yum was born. It’s a light cream pudding with cherry wood chip smoked crumble. They even managed to trap the smoke within the jar. Amazing. The waffles are also something to try. Inserting local flavour with their homemade ice cream and sauces, my favourite waffle was the pandan ice cream with gula Melaka sauce. Their salted caramel is excellent as well.


Top right, Pandan Ice cream and Gula Melaka Waffle, Choco-Tella Tart, Amaizing Cake and Smoked Sawdust Pudding

I also managed to try the Choco-tella tart and the Amaizing cake. The first obviously being a chocolate and Nutella tart and the latter a popcorn infused cake.

My friend is utterly in love with their Snickers cheese cake but I found it too sweet. But those with a penchant for heavy desserts would love this one.

Truly an excellent cafe with almost everything made from scratch. And the price? $5 to $8.90. You pay that much for a shitty Starbucks cake.

Visit www.hatterstreet.com