Mercat Princesa – Barcelona, Spain

I only managed to spend a mere 2 days in Barcelona but the beautiful architecture from Antoni Gaudi struck me with awe. The old Gothic quarters in Barcelona are so authentic, I could imagine people riding down the narrow alleyways on horseback and drinking from the still-functioning copper tap fountains.

Near the old quarter lies a modern food court of sorts called Mercat Princesa. This enchanting space holds many different stalls selling a variety of Catalonian tapas (more on that later), pizza, drinks, Japanese food and Indochine food. The latter two aren’t very Spanish, I agree. So, we stuck to the Catalonian tapas.

photo 1

I was told that the typical tapas in Barcelona frequently comes with bread underneath for a more filling meal. This platter comprised of smoked salmon, steak tartare, hamburger tapas. I love the hamburguesa ones in particular, it was almost like a less sinful version of the American burger but with a good beef patty.

From top, assorted pizzas, more tapas, croquetas de jamon

From top, assorted pizzas, more tapas, croquetas de jamon

We also had an assortment of pizzas, more tapas – this time with foie gras, goat cheese and a sunny side up. The Spanish tapas dishes contain so much potatoes. Apart from the creamy croquetas de jamon, we had a ton of patatas bravas. The creamy version you see is supposedly the Catalonian style dish with mayonnaise, but we also had the Spanish dish with salsa bravas and mayonnaise as well. Absolutely sinful, but oh so delicious.

photo 3

Top left: patatas bravas typical, patatas bravas Catalonian, fried fish, patatas machaconas

To round off the large meal, we also had a plate of fried fish in green chilli vinaigrette and the patatas machaconas. The Spanish mashed potatoes also includes tuna mayonnaise and potato chips. It’s like CARB ON CARB ON CARB in these meals. But, the Barcelonians eat much earlier than the people in Madrid. They eat at about 8. AT LAST SOME NORMALCY.

If you are only in Barcelona for as short of a time as I was, I suggest coming to Mercat Princesa for variety and quality.