Restaurante La Barraca – Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1935, I dare say this family style bistro serves the best paella in Madrid. And it also has the reputation for doing so.

I know paella originates in Valencia but since I wasn’t going there, I took what I could get.

First of all the Spanish eat quite late, so when we sat down at 9pm, I wasn’t really able to stomach that much food. But we had a lot of it anyway.

We had a very salty dish of bacalao fritters, homemade croqueta de jamon and a pimentos with olive oil to start. I loved the croquetas filled with béchamel sauce, creamy potatoes and bits of jamon.

Right after that came the piece de resistance. The paella. We had their signature La Barraca Mixed Paella as well as the Black Rice With Squid. I didn’t photograph the black one as it looked a little flat in the pan.

This is the serving for about 7 people, individual portions are much smaller of course. Like the photo below. The black paella was my favourite, the squids were so soft and and tender and the rice had the taste of the sea. The house paella was equally good with just the right amount of sauce. In SIN City, paella almost ends up like mui-fan – A starchy sauce covered rice dish – as the chefs here add too much stock tore bomba rice.

The dessert you see above was a simple choux pastry stuffed with custard.

The prices at La Barraca are reasonable it should cost about 25 euros a person if you have a main and appetiser or dessert. They also have set menus upon request.