Bar-Roque – Singapore

So far, I’ve not had a bad experience at Bar-Roque. I’ve been there quite a few times for work and the food is always good. And it’s money well spent. Just look at this salmon dish with ravioles.


Owned by Alsatian chef Stephane Istel the effervescent chef can be seen running around the open kitchen and speaking with guests.

We started off our meal with a charcuterie platter filled with ham, terrine and smoked duck and a classic tarte flambée, a dish known from the Alsace region. The tarte flambée is essentially a thin crusted pizza with crème fraîche, bacon and cheese.


Other mains we had included their signature rotisserie chicken and a wagyu beef steak. Both were cooked to perfection. I found the chicken a little bland for my liking, but it is often the case with Western style chicken for me. Not enough flavour in the meat.

Dessert is a must at Bar-Roque as the two top desserts, the Alsatian Cheese Cake and the Apple Pie with a side of milk ice cream are the Chef’s mother’s recipes. The Germanic style cheese cake is much lighter and has a pie like crust and a drizzle of berry coulis. Mmm!

I’ll be back to Bar-Roque in no time at all since I love the food here so much.