Friends – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Friends maybe listed as the number one restaurant in Phnom Penh on Trip Advisor but it certainly isn’t because of the food.

Friends is a social enterprise of sorts that hires marginalised youth to equip them with the required F&B skills to help them get jobs in the future.

They serve homely fare such as this stir fried chicken dish with cashew nuts and mangoes.

Mostly available in small plates, we ordered a yam and sweet potato fries and another plate of quesadillas. They were passable at best, like most of the food in Cambodia. But seeing the youth be happy that they have proper work to do instead of turning to vice trades warms your heart a little.

They also have another outlet in Siem Reap called Haven. If you’d like to help their cause, do go to the restaurant for a small meal.