Lemongrass- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The food in Cambodia has been downright uninspiring in my opinion. It’s kind of like a love child of Chinese and Vietnamese cooking, and most of the food is passable at best.

Lemongrass was located near my hotel so we popped in for a late lunch after a day trip out to the Killing Fields.

We ordered a simple Beef Loc Lak which can also be found in Vietnam but the Cambodian one came with a dipping sauce of Kampot pepper and lime. We also got a pork in tamarind sauce.


The quality of beef in Cambodia is pretty much the same as the meat in Vietnam. Lean and chewy. Served with sparse pieces of lettuce and tomato. Loc Lak means “to shake” and is essentially stir fried beef. It’s homey when eaten with white rice.

Trace amounts of pork and ginger slices were floating around. I wouldn’t suggest this dish as it is hard to find the slices of meat in the sauce.

Altogether Lemongrass is a tourist restaurant that serves passable fare.

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