Marukyu – Singapore

I had my very first Omakase experience at new-ish Japanese restaurant Marukyu. The lunch sets are a bit more affordable both sets are below $90.

So what the heck is omakase? Well I’ll tell you. It translates to “I leave it to you” meaning that you put your inner control freak away and let the chef prepare a five to six course meal of the days ingredients and let him or her surprise you. Kinda like a plat du jour but more intricate.

When I went, it was technically Autumn/Winter season thus the menu prepared for me had lots of fish. The first course was an amuse bouche of Ibaraki monkfish liver and a side of shoyu marinated crab roe.


From top left: Monkfish liver and crab roe, three sashimis, miso horse mackerel and angelhair pasta

After a pristine dish of three sashimis arrived, namely scallops, lightly seared marlin belly and yellow tail. The last two dishes were a miso glazed horse mackerel and angel hair pasta tossed with garlic, truffle oil and roe and salmon.

But the piece de resistance of the meal was definitely the snow crab.


Snow Crab

The flakey flesh is steeped in a broth with turnips. It was so sweet and fresh, it makes me hungry now just thinking about it. Yummers!

Dessert was a pretty ume jelly nestled in a leaf and served in a martini glass to wash down the meal.

Ume Jelly

Ume Jelly