Spuds & Aprons – Singapore

I haven’t been up to Mount Faber in years, and I took the cable car up the other day for a trip to the new restaurant Spuds & Aprons.

Now Mount Faber is not really “mountain” I would call it a hill, really. Spuds & Aprons is surrounded with lots of lush greenery and a scenic view. The menu is a little touristy but all together not too shabby.

My favourite was definitely the Crazy Fries. A poutine inspired starter with steak cut fries, brown sauce and six different cheeses -provolone, cheddar, parmesan, emmental and mozzarella. It’s gooey, chewy, crispy and savoury and pure mmm.

The other starter we had was a potato skin filled with chilli crab. I didn’t really fancy this but it is a novel idea. The mains of oxtail and the tobiko encrusted fish fared much better. The oxtail was so soft it yielded at the slightest prode. The fish is light and flaky with a side of soba noodles, perfect for a light meal.

The chef also prepares a wagyu steak off the menu. Just ask. 🙂 My shots of dessert didn’t turn out too well, but do try their Chempedak Bread & Butter Pudding if you’re a fan of the fruit.

Visit http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=66&Itemid=41