Jamie’s Italian – Singapore

I’m a little late on Jamie’s Italian a.k.a Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. I was waiting for the hype to die down before visiting. And by the time I finally went, some things on the menu changed up a bit. So I ordered all the new things. Starting with the Arancini.

Crispy, chewy rice balls with a cube of cheese. What could go wrong…but the rice. For some reason it was sour, almost on a rancid note. My dining companion liked the tart flavour and didn’t see what I was talking about.

I much preferred the mains. The Grilled Pork Chop is succulent, juicy and nicely flame grilled. It also comes with a side of crackling which made me very happy 😀 The crab bruschetta was nothing to rave about but the Catch of the Day fared much better with a meaty fish and light sauce.

The panzerotti and mortadella in a Gorgonzola sauce was too salty for my liking and smelled too strong. Let’s call this an acquired taste.

So far the meal has been pretty hit and miss but dessert saved the day with their Epic Brownie. It was fudgey, gooey topped with amaretto ice cream and caramel corn.

Is Jamie’s Italian worth the hype here? Not really. I’m not bothered to queue.

Visit www.jamieoliver.com/Italian/singapore/home