Cups N Canvas – Singapore

A lot of these artsy fartsy spaces/ cafes are popping up all over SIN City. Cups N Canvas is one of them . Half cosy cafe, half art class, this airy space is great for a relaxing lunch with friends. I’m no arty fart, so I was there for the food, not so much the painting. But if that sort of thing is up your alley, why not?

Before you read all about the food. I have to rave about the drink. The Sweet Potato Latte is DELICIOUS. It’s almost like a yam/sweet potato creamy milk dessert in a cup. It is silky, smooth and oh-so-milky. Plus the latte art is pretty 😀



I loved their Vermillion Prawn pasta, a tomato base pasta linguine with zingy lemon juice, prawn and asparagus. But if you’re in the mood for creamy and bacon-y, order the Blanc Bacon, their take on the carbonara with bacon and mushrooms.

Vermillion Prawn

Pasta with a zing


Creamy, moreish and BACON

They also have a Peking Duck inspired sandwich. The PK Duck is a sweet and fresh sandwich with shredded duck in orange hoisin sauce, cucumbers and mozzarella on a ciabatta. Not too bad at all. Yummers!

PK Sandwich

PK Sandwich

It’s quite tucked away opposite the famous Rochor Beancurd. Visit for their painting courses and of course, for their food and the SWEET POTATO LATTE.