Ikyu – Singapore

My first visit to Ikyu culminated in their seasonal, limited time only menu the Gourmet Traveller.

It cost me a pretty penny at $188 but I’ll write it off as the food was incredible. Done “Omakase” style (only the chef knows what you’re gonna get), in Japan they categorise with texture rather than flavour profile.

The menu has a Zenzai – a three part appetiser comprising Hokkaido cod fish sperm, Ibaraki monkfish liver and Fukuoka marinated cod roe. Ok, I must say codfish sperm is something I’ll never order on my own. It is relatively tasteless and I made the mistake of poking the sac with my chopsticks…. Yeah, cue swallowing jokes here. The rest was just stellar and oh-so-flavourful.


From top left: Monkfish liver, Codfish sperm, Marinated Cod Roe, Sashimi with chutoro and yellow-tail

Next was a sashimi plate of Kagoshima chutoro and Chiba yellow tail with fresh grated wasabi and Okinawa sea grapes. There can be nothing wrong in the world with chutoro on a plate. Chutoro is a fatty underbelly of a tuna. It is the middle range of tuna sashimi, below the otoro.


From top: Snow Crab, Miyazaki beef, Agemono, Kaisen Chirashi and Niigata Rice Ice Cream

The next course is a steamed Fukui live snow crab which can be quite a mess to eat but the flesh is sweet and pristine fresh, worth the effort indeed. I especially loved the Miyazaki Champion beef with yuzu ponzu. It just melts in your mouth with the marbled fat. There’s an option with Kurobuta pork as well.

Yes, it’s still not the end. There was a panko crusted Agemono of deep fried oysters, a palate cleansing dish of Aomori apples and then the main dish of Kaisen Chirashi don with amaebi, sea urchin, scallops and Kagoshima tuna. It is also served with a hot bowl of somen.

Finally, round of the meal with a Niigata rice ice cream. Mmmm. But after that I was completely stuffed, but utterly satisfied. The menu is available until Nov 30.

Visit www.ikyu.com.sg