Paradiso Restaurant & Bar – Singapore

It’s been a while since I’ve found a paella that makes me reach for more. But, the well seasoned arborio rice in tomato and seafood juices topped with mussels, a large shrimp and a albeit unorthodox hard boiled egg made it hard for me to drop the spoon.

This my friends, was at Paradiso on Quayside Isle. Located in Sentosa Cove, it’s probably the closest to the Hamptons as you’re going to get in SIN City.
The paella in question is the Mariscos A La Valenciana and can be shared between 2 to 3 people.


It could be para para, paradise


My dining companions and I also had the Calamares Rellenos, a stuffed squid filled with pimentos and cheese atop Cuban rice and the Pollo Al Mojito, a chicken in Mojito glaze with a side of patatas bravas.

The Nutty Banana Rum dessert was nothing to rave about so perhaps save your calories for their grande mojitos instead.