Artisan Boulangerie Co. -Singapore

Watching croissants rise in the oven has never been so fun. They go in all doughy and white then you wait those agonising minutes for the dough to give rise to fluffy golden layered croissants. Rinse, wash and repeat with the pains aux chocolats.

I finally have a small piece of France in Singapore – that is not overpriced. Artisan Boulangerie Co., also known in acronym filled SIN City as ABC, opened its doors on Killiney Road a month or so ago. They have since opened two more outlets in Metropolis and Great World City but neither of them have the big picture windows overlooking the kitchen as the flagship store in Killiney.

The baker who of course originates from France focuses on the rustic way of baking resulting in layered viennoiseries, caramel tart, kougloff, pretzels, tarte citron, sandwiches, eclairs and even the Jewish bread, Challah -both sweet and regular.

I love how ABC’s baguettes are rustic with a flat bottom instead of the honeycomb like prints (which is how it is supposed to be by the way). So what you get in Delifrance or Sophie is actually not authentic at all. The exterior was crusty and dusted with flour with a chewy and soft inner. Imagine spreading layers of salted French butter on it for an foodgasmic experience.

I bought their cinnamon loaf for a nice sugar, spice and everything nice breakfast as well as their apple turnover. The cinnamon loaf was polished off by my household in mere minutes.

Wake up and smell the pastries!

Wake up and smell the pastries!

I found the apple turnover slightly burnt and too doughy, so I was a bit disappointed but everything else was yummy. The Caramel Pecan Tart is surprisingly bittersweet and smoky instead of leaving a cloying residue. The Pear & Almond Tart was equally good, if you’d like a fruit tart that’s not made of red fruit or berries.

Thank goodness ABC is no where near my home, otherwise I’ll be packing on the pounds!

Psst: The chef mentioned to me he’ll be making some gallette des roi for New Year’s Eve. He’s already ordered the little baby kings. 😀

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