Ippudo Ramen – Singapore

I am gonna come right out and say it. The best ramen in Singapore is definitely Tonkotsu King.

People may disagree with me and say that Ippudo is the best, but I beg to differ. There’s always a line outside Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery and I know not why. So, at the behest of my significant other, we queued just to try it. And I was disappointed. It was a good quality ramen place, but I’m simply not impressed.



The first bowl was their seasonal Spicy Black Ramen, they forgot the order of tamago (and had to be reminded) and I found that the spice overpowered the broth, which is a crying shame.

I had the standard Hakata tonkotsu broth with the flavoured egg. I ordered my noodles extra hard as well. But alas, although the broth tasted good, it was lacking the thickness I was accustomed to and Ippudo serves their ramen in a heated bowl… so by the time I got to the noodles at the bottom, they were soggy. And, as I like to leave the best for last, my flavoured egg became hard boiled. I was not a happy trooper.

Well, maybe it was an off day for Ippudo ramen, but this was definitely not my favourite.

Visit www.ippudo.com.sg for info.