Sakuraya Fish Mart – Singapore

Craving for pristine cuts of sashimi or a chirashi don? Look no further than Sakuraya. It’s been around for years now.

This authentic Japanese place serves fresh cuts of sashimi at a reasonable price. You pay about as much at a conveyor belt sushi place anyway, so might as well spring for quality over quantity.

I love their Bara Chirashi Don- chopped assorted sashimi atop sushi rice. Some may say it’s merely left over cuts of sashimi atop of the rice, but I don’t mind. You get bits of salmon, tuna, tamago, crabsticks, swordfish, yellowtail and crab roe with a shiso leaf garnish for $15 so I ain’t complaining.

The chawanmushi is also warm and comforting to the belly. You can also customise your sushi platter according to what you want. It will probably cost you a pretty penny if you choose the premium items such as chutoro, otoro or uni.

It is also attached to a Japanese minimart and fish market for your Japanese product fix.

I should come here more often.

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