Lime House – Singapore

Authentic Caribbean food all the way in sunny Singapore. Who would have thunk it?

Lime House is possibly the first full restaurant serving Caribbean food in Singapore. Most restaurants here seem to only know Jerk Chicken, so I’m glad to finally experience more than that!

Liming is a concept in Trinidad & Tobago that translates roughly into Singlish as “lepaking” or just chilling, under a lime tree. The owner and the chef both hail from that region.

We tried the refreshing ‘Paradise’ fruit salad with water melons, mangoes and dried coconut flesh, the quintessential Jerk Chicken and and a portion of the Curry Goat. But the pièce de résistance of the meal was definitely the ribs in their house barbecue sauce. The meat on the ribs was so soft it falls off the bone.

The desserts from Lime House are a bit sparse with only three on the menu, but the Decontructed Piña Colada and the Piton Cake is good to try. The piton cake is just a molten chocolate cake, hits the spot, but nothing special.

The former came in a soft coconut jelly topped with pineapples, lime sorbet and mint leaves. Definitely a refreshing take on a panna cotta dessert.

It’s quite affordable at $20ish to high $30s a main. Standard restaurant price in SIN city.

True to the Caribbean style, they also offer potent rum cocktails. They are deceptively easy to drink.

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