Burnt Ends – Singapore

Burnt Ends is a new concept on Teck Lim Road that uses a wood fired oven, charcoal grills and special kilns that result in that lovely smoky BBQ flavour in all their food, started by Andre of the oh-so-exclusive Restaurant Andre.

And I mean all of it. We had a feast my friends and I.

We had warm oysters, a salmon skin with oyster emulsion and roe, smoked quail eggs with sea salt and a toasted bread with smoked vine tomatoes and jamon to begin with. Everything came smoking hot out of the oven and off the grills. The quail eggs are runny on the inside and absolutely foodgasmic.

The mains did not disappoint as well. We loved the Burnt Ends Sanger-a pulled pork burger with homemade slaw- it was both sweet and smoky at the same time. The fresh grilled fish with vinegared veggies and the grilled shoulder beef is also a must-have.
The quail, I wasn’t so much of a fan.

Dessert ended with a bang. Banana with caramel ice cream, a Smoked Ice Cream with hibiscus and ginger cookies and a grilled pineapple with rum glaze. Mmm. They also have us petite fours of a smoked orange financier and a Earl Grey chocolate macaron.

20130728-131235.jpgThe menu at Burnt Ends changes every other day. So some of the things here may not be available when you visit.

A little bit more trivia, the restaurant manager’s brother-in-law works in Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant apparently.

Burnt Ends is located at 20 Teck Lim Road, Tel: 6224 3933