MandaiLing Estate Coffee – Bali, Indonesia

Ever since I heard kopi luwak mentioned in The Bucket List, I’ve thought the idea was madness.

For those of you that don’t know, kopi luwak is civet cat coffee. Or crudely put, cat shit coffee. It came about when plantation workers in Indonesia weren’t allowed to drink the coffee they were harvesting. So, they resorted to drinking the civet cat poop.

Mandailing Estate Coffee serves up organic civet cat coffee for 150,000 rupiah. Their civet cats aren’t force fed, the beans are really harvested from the plantations.


So how does cat poop taste like? Very aromatic and full bodied, however there is a very slight after taste.

I’d say try it if you get the chance, but I wouldn’t drink this everyday, knowing that after all, that you are really paying astronomical prices for poop. Haha!

Coffee connoisseurs may beg to differ here though.