Cronuts – Singapore

The craze of the cronuts have reached the point of insanity in New York. As I read articles online about the crying, swearing and queuing overnight for these fried treats, I can’t help but be reminded of the Hello Kitty Singing Bones fiasco in SIN city.

Anyway, that aside. SIN City has also its own version of these fat treat from Da Paolo Gastronomia, and I’ve tried them. The verdict?

It’s a novel idea and its fun but I really doubt it will last. The flaky pastry is stuffed with vanilla bean cream but I felt it was a tad oily. The unstuffed one with chocolate glaze reminded me of an inside-out pain au chocolat, only not as awesome.

I like it, but would I go nuts over it? Nah. Even when I read the news about its creation I was nonplussed.


Fat fat food ($4.90)

Voila, ze cronuts.

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