Making Pierogi – Singapore

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a bit. It’s the Polish dumpling, pierogi. Every country has their own version of this dumpling. The Italians have gnocchi, Chinese have jiaozi, Japanese have gyoza and the Nepalese have the momo.

I am by no means Polish but the idea of a potato stuffed dumpling excites me.

The traditional Polish version, if my Internet research serves me right, is stuffed with dry farmer’s cheese, potatoes and onions. It is also stuffed with berries or jam.

Well dried farmers cheese, pasta sheets for pierogi are a bit of a pain in the ass and not to mention impossible to find. So,I made do with some ready made jiaozi skins and young cheddar cheese.

First, mash potatoes, cheddar cheese and onions together in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Then roll the mashed potatoes into small balls and wrap them in the skins.

The traditional recipe calls for boiling them first but the jiaozi skins are thinner , so pan fry them immediately with a little olive oil or butter.


Et voila, my version of pierogi. Pair the dish with sour cream for more flavour.
My guinea pigs (I.e mom and the boyfriend) thought it was pretty good. Since my boyfriend has tasted the real ones before, I supposed I’ve succeeded-ish. Haha!

You might ask why I don’t try making jiaozi because I’m of Asian descent, well I had leftover potatoes in my crisper. Makes sense to use what I have right?