Tonkotsu King Four Seasons – Singapore

I’ve been craving a good bowl of ramen since I’ve returned from my jaunt in Japan and I have found it in Tonkotsu King Four Seasons.

Part of the Tonkotsu King chain by Chef Keisuke Takeda, ramen extraordinaire from Tokyo, I’ve long passed Tori King at Orchid Hotel and watched the snaking queues, never bothering to join it. I almost never queue more than 15 mins for food. I refuse to.

His fourth outlet Tonkotsu King Four Seasons opened in Bugis Village just last month. With ramen inspired with the seasons you get Spring – a basil and cheese ramen (beurk!), Summer – a spicy Szechuan pepper one, Autumn – topped with bonito flakes and Winter – a traditional bowl of ramen.

The broth at Tonkotsu King Four Seasons boils for 12h until all the pork bones and collagen have dissolved into the soup. Omnomnom!

I liked the Winter one best as simplicity still suits my palate. But my favourite one was definitely and the very aptly named King Ramen. Slices of belly pork tossed in ginger and teriyaki atop the standard ramen. Incredibly delicious. The Tonkotsu King chain also offers free flow of hard boiled eggs and beansprouts.

Also try their signature green tea cola.

The ramen is about $16.90 to $17.90 with all the toppings (I.e. tasty egg and nori). At this bigger outlet the queue is not as long as Orchid Hotel’s.

Tonkotsu King Four Seasons is located at 158 Rochor Road, Bugis Village. Tel: 6333 5740.