In Italy – Singapore

If you’ve ever wanted to eat off the menu in a restaurant. In Italy is definitely the place to do it.

The menu doesn’t serve typical Italian fare such as Carbonara pasta, marinara etc as Chef Mario Caramella of ex-Forlino fame doesn’t want to “put what everyone is serving” on the menu. Good man.

We had the Cous Cous alla Trapanese – a raw tuna and citrus vinaigrette cous cous insalata, Crostino pizza- a thin crusted focaccia with melted Taleggio cheese, prosciutto, black olives tapenade and radicchio tardivo, Spaghettini Freddi – a cold spaghetti with sea urchin and the off the menu special… Duck Confit in pistachio sauce. It is so ironic that I find the best Duck Confit in an Italian place. The duck was crispy and roasted in its own fat. Absolutely crispy. Mmm.

We also had the Gran Bollito, a broth made of boiled beef, veal tongue, chicken and veggies. I was skittish about the tongue so just had the chicken. It’s quite a salty broth. I loved the Squid Ink Tonnarelli with prawns and broccolini as well.

For the desserts, try the classic Tiramisu and the off the menu special Limocello Soufflé. Excellent.

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