Oso Ristorante – Singapore

I picked my favourite Italian restaurant in town for my birthday dinner this year and as usual, I was not disappointed. My birthday isn’t until next week but I had several lovely dinners lined up 🙂

Oso Ristorante serves up the best mozzarella di bufala and burrata. That is why I love this place. The prices are at least $30 and up per main/appetiser but it is worth the treat. We had the prosciutto and rock melon as well as a plate of burrata to share. Although, they did say the burrata was for two, it can feed 4 people easily. They also give complimentary bread with oil and vinegar.

They have quite an extensive main course as well filled with all the goodness of Italian cooking. But I really love their tuna steak with a side of vine tomatoes. The tuna steak was raw in the middle and well-seared all over for a savoury and clean taste of the sea. Mmm. The steak that day was 60 day aged, grain-fed beef that was tender and when cooked rare, oozed with its juices.

Dessert of course, is not to be missed at Oso. With a variety of sorbetti, gelati and plated desserts you’ll be spoilt for choice.

I picked the Amaretti with amaretto ice-cream and almond cake, a little crumby but otherwise good. My companions picked the 70% dark chocolate tart, the panna cotta cubes and the flourless and sugar free carrot cake.

The last dessert was meh in my opinion. It was the least decadent and to me, carrot cakes need cinnamon and cream cheese icing. The chocolate tart oozed melty goodness once cut into, it’s oh-so-decadent and rich.


Oso Ristorante’s website is www.oso.sg