Ladurée – Singapore

Alors, while I have the time I might as well write about this too.

Ladurée has finally landed in SIN city and boy, am I glad. It’s about time! I had to watch in envy as it arrived in Japan, then Hong Kong and South Korea. As usual, the macarons are imported all the way from Switzerland to ensure the same crisp quality. I must say the macarons made in Singapore are sweeter and chewer, I guess to make up for the humidity and the lack of crunch in the macarons. So, I was glad for a taste of Paris.

Located in Takashimaya, there is only a boutique an a take away counter. No salon du thé just yet.

At $3.80 a pop, it is more expensive than other macarons in the market of Singapore but considering its €2 thereabouts in Paris, yeah it’s all right.

Apart from the standard Citron, Petale de Rose, Chocolat, Caramel au Beurre Salé and Praline, they also have seasonal flavours such as the floral tea flavoured Marie Antoinette and the Chocolat Yuzu. My fav is definitely the rose petal infused ganache in between crisp pink almond shells.


Yes that is my macaron ring I got from Etsy. 🙂


Also please do not ever call it a macaroon. Those are shredded coconut cookies. It’s a common error and one of my largest pet peeves. Along with the word “umami“. Shudder.

Ladurée is located at Takashimaya on the 2nd floor and 1st floor.